Breathe - Achieve

A program for young women

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Note: Once you've attended your first class, you will be able to come to other timeslots

Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest in semester 1, we will not be running the Breath Achieve program in semester 2. We will reassess and look at options to provide the program in 2019.

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Gender equality is a critical determinant of health and wellbeing. Females remain under-represented in sport – both on and off the field – in participation, media coverage and leadership positions. These inequalities send a damaging message, not just to our female athletes but to all women and to our society as a whole. Sport provides a valuable setting to change social norms, attitudes and culture to advance gender equality. At the University Tennis Academy, we are in a fortunate position to help facilitate change through our tennis programs at Melbourne University.

Participants will sign up for an 9 week program, undertaking a single 45 minute class per week at their chosen time slot. Classes will run across both University semesters, and are not compulsory to attend, but participants must remain in their initially chosen time slot (with changes to be made for those wishing to continue into semester 2).

Cost: $2.78 per week ($25 upfront for the 9 week program)
Length: 9 weeks during semester 1 2018 (one 45 minute class per week)
Eligibility: Current University of Melbourne Student (with Student ID number). Currently open to females only.
Time: Selected by participant. Options available:

  • Tuesday 2pm – 2:45pm
  • Tuesday 2:45pm – 3:30pm
  • Friday 8:30am – 9:15am
  • Friday 9:15am – 10:00am
  • Sunday 3:30pm – 4:15pm
  • Sunday 4:15pm – 5:00pm

Program Outline

Tennis: The core activity of the program, tennis will run in two blocks of four weeks at the start and end of the year, during the warmer months. The purpose of this activity is to give participants an introduction to tennis and the health benefits associated with the game through professional UTA coaches.

Yoga: The benefits of yoga include increased flexibility, fitness and a reduction in stress. This activity compliments the other activities within the program, and provides participants with a small taste of the health benefits associated with yoga from Melbourne University Sport yoga instructors.

Meditation: Meditation is a becoming an increasingly utilized tool across a number of sports and industries. This program will aim to introduce meditation to an audience who will find benefits in a number of areas, particularly in the reduction of stress.

Strength and Conditioning: This activity aims to further emphasise the holistic nature of the overall program, providing participants with the skills and knowledge to undertake their own training for health benefits and to improve specific sport performance.

Self Defense Training: Self defense training provides a different focus to the other activities, providing participants with the opportunity to learn new skills and educate themselves in a worthwhile and beneficial activity.

Week starting… Activity Week starting… Activity
March 12th (week 3) Tennis July 23rd (week 1) Yoga
March 19th (week 4) Tennis July 30th (week 2) Yoga
March 26th (week 5) Tennis Aug 6th (week 3) Self Defense
April 16th  (week 7) Tennis Aug 13th (week 4) Self Defense
April 23rd  (week 8) Meditation Aug 20th (week 5)
April 30th  (week 9) Meditation Aug 27th (week 6) Tennis
May 7th  (week 10) Strength and Conditioning Sept 3rd (week 7) Tennis
May 14th  (week 11) Strength and Conditioning Sept 10th (week 8) Tennis
May 21st  (week 12) Yoga Sept 17th  (week 9) Tennis
Choose your time:
Note: Once you've attended your first class, you will be able to come to other timeslots