Hope you enjoyed the above video for the perfect ball toss. Just to clarify, this ball toss will be used for the flat and slice serves. For the topspin and kick serve, we cannot use the demonstrated ball toss. We need to throw the ball toss at the 11 o’clock position for a right handed player rather than 1 o’clock. More on this later…

One of the major causes of shoulder injury is due to incorrect ball toss location. Shoulder impingement can turn chronic over time if we are contacting the ball in the incorrect location. The ball toss is a crucial factor in the serve and is at many times taken too lightly. How do we get closer to perfecting the ball toss?

Practice, practice, practice. Consistency is directly correlated with neurological pathways that we can build over time. The ball toss compared to our strokes is a simple skill and can be mastered over time with deliberate practice. No matter what level you are, the ball toss is a key factor for your serve and in many instances can be the defining factor of your serve’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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