Lock and Punch

Hope you enjoyed the above video for the solid volley. The volley that I demonstrated is waist height “ideal” volley. This volley we are trying to hit deep in the court to set up the finishing volley. The better our footwork is, the more we can place the volley in this “ideal” location.

The volley is a very simple stroke, it may be the simplest technical stroke to learn. However, the footwork for the volley is the key, and can be a challenge to many players especially if reaction time and anticipation is not our strong point. Reaction time is directly correlated with fast twitch muscle fibres and can be trained with specific drills. More on this later…

When we are hitting the “ideal” volley, the first thing we need to do is ensure we have a continental grip. Next. we lock and cock the wrist so the racquet is tilted up. We maintain this position and than turn our shoulders side on to the court and stepping forward and across at 45 degrees with our front foot, keeping our elbows in front of our torso. We can than “punch” the ball stopping shortly after the contact point. If we practice these simple, yet quick motions, we will be well on our way to hitting a solid volley.

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